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Join The Holy Father and hundreds of thousands of young people in July 2022 [actual dates to be advised] coming together from across the globe to deepen their faith, share with one another and meet other inspired youth.

World Youth Day will strengthen your understanding and commitment to Christ, the Church and others through study, prayer, worship, and celebration. You and your group need to be a part of this wonderful event.


After a magnificent World Youth Day 2019 in Panama City there is much excitement and anticipation for World Youth Day 2022 in Lisbon-a beautiful city, capital of a beautiful country with a rich history of the Catholic faith. Lisbon will captivate you from the moment you lay your eyes on the city's rich history, historic buildings and wonderful neighborhoods. Throughout your entire visit you will be amazed at how safe and friendly this city is as well.

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History of the World Youth Day

Since the beginning of World Youth Day in 1986, it has been held in cities across the world such as Buenos Aires, Paris, Toronto, Rome and most recently Panama City. Throughout the past 30 years of World Youth Day, tens-of-millions of youth across the globe have come together to pray, worship and celebrate their love for Christ.

It was the Holy Year of the Redemption (1983-1984). Pope John Paul II felt that there should be a cross - the symbol of our faith - near the main altar in Saint Peter's Basilica where it could be seen by everyone. A large wooden Cross, 3.8 meters high, was placed there according to the Holy Father's desire. At the end of the Holy Year, after the Pope had closed the Holy Door, he entrusted that Cross to the youth of the world, represented by the young people from the San Lorenzo Youth Centre in Rome. His words on that occasion were:

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"My dear young people, at the conclusion of the Holy Year, I entrust to you the sign of this Jubilee Year: the Cross of Christ! Carry it throughout the world as a symbol of Christ's love for humanity, and proclaim to everyone that it is only in Christ, who died and rose from the dead, that salvation and redemption are to be found."

- San Lorenzo Youth Centre (Rome, 22 April 1984)


Buenos Aires, Argentina

April 11th-12th 1987

Theme: "We ourselves have known and put our faith in God's love towards ourselves" (1Jn 4:16)

Czestochowa, Poland

August 10th-15th 1991

Theme: "You have received a spirit of sonship" (Rom 8:15)

Manila, Philippines

January 10th-15th 1995

Theme: "As the Father sent me, so am I sending you" (Jn 20:21)

Rome, Italy

August 15th-20th 2000

Theme: "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us" (Jn 1:14)

Cologne, Germany

August 16th-21th 2005

Theme: "We have come to worship Him" (Mt 2:2)

Madrid, Spain

August 16th-21th 2011

Theme: "Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith" (cf Col 2:7)

Krakow, Poland

July 25-31, 2016

Theme: "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy"(Mt 5:7)

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

August 15th-20th 1989

Theme: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (Jn 14:6)

Denver, USA

August 10th-15th 1993

Theme: "I came that they might have life, and have it to the full" (Jn 10:10)

Paris, France

August 19th-24th 1997

Theme: "Teacher, where are you staying? Come and see" (cf. Jn 1:38-39)

Toronto, Canada

July 23th-28th 2002

Theme: "You are the salt of the earth are the light of the world" (Mt 5: 13,14)

Sydney, Australia

July 15th-20th 2008

Theme: "You have received a spirit of sonship" (Rom 8:15)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 22nd-29th 2013

Theme: "Go and make disciples of all nations!" (cf. Mt 28:19)

Panama City, Panama

January 22-27, 2019

Theme: "I am the servant of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word." (Lk 1:38)

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