As the vaccine roll out continues, I'm looking forward to two pilgrimages in 2022. Early in 2022 to the Holy Land and a couple of months later will be heading to Central Europe. I have found that those who enjoy going on pilgrimage are ready to travel and believe it is safe to do so. I have full confidence in Unitours, that come 2022 both pilgrimages will be safe and as enriching as ever before. I'm confident Unitours will be delivering high quality pilgrimages to meet the demand for those desiring to once again be enriched in their faith.

Fr. Mike, Diocese of Buffalo

I lead pilgrimages almost every year. Of course, in 2020, all my pilgrimages were canceled as well as two scheduled for 2021- the COVID threat is still on us and people do not yet feel safe to travel - especially in groups. Nevertheless, I have presently scheduled two pilgrimages for the summer of 2022. I believe that the feeling of threat will be over and am confident that many people will desire to travel. After having spent over a year in isolation and quarantine, we need to break out. And the great jewel of pilgrimage travel will call us: to go meet the Lord; to be on a search for God; to journey together. I have been fully vaccinated and encourage everyone to do so. We need to be safe -so that we can live in the Lord!

Msgr. Joe, Diocese of Brooklyn

Last year we planned a trip to Italy in August 2022 to follow the footsteps of St Augustine in Ostia, Rome, Milan and Pavia and then to the Passion Play in Germany. We have 18 persons committed to the trip who have paid their deposits. We could easily have 20 people committed by this summer, a year before we go. Just yesterday one of our pilgrims told me how excited he was and looking forward to it. I think he represents a lot of people who are excited, looking forward to getting away and confident it will be safe in August 2022!

Fr. Bill - Archdiocese of Philadelphia

We are beginning to see a strong desire for people to 're-connect' to their faith and tradition. Having canceled our last pilgrimage, we chose to prepare for our next one in the summer of 2022. Response has been extremely positive - over 1/2 full already. We have used Unitours and not only trust them but know we can rely on a professional and competent performance. I am sure we will have no problem filling our trip, being well cared for by Unitours and experiencing a blessed and memorable pilgrimage.

Fr. Tony, Diocese of Orlando

I will be leading a pilgrimage this fall and feel that this is the perfect time for one. So much progress has been made in our spiritual lives this past year. People want to continue deepening their relationship and friendship with Jesus and a pilgrimage is an ideal way to make this happen. People already feel safer and more confident about travelling, so this is no longer the issue it may have been even two or three months ago. I encourage anyone who is considering leading a pilgrimage to do so.

Fr. Joe Archdiocese of Boston

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